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Whole House Fan Installation, QuietCool Installation & Attic Fan InstallationDanville, CA, Concord, CA, Alamo, CA, Brentwood, CA, Pleasanton, CA, San Ramon, CA


Qualtech Heating & Cooling specializes in QuietCool, an effective, patented whole house fan system.  Suspended in the attic and ducted down to your ceiling, the QuietCool systems trims between fifty to ninety percent off electricity costs due to air conditioning.  This innovate design not only saves you money and pays for installation, but enhances the health and comfort of your home, operating for just a few cents an hour.  Qualtech Heating & Cooling provides recommendations and proper installation of whole house fans and attic fans in residences throughout Danville, Walnut Creek, Lafayette, Alamo, and Concord, CA.

How does QuietCool work?

When the QuietCool fan is activated, it draws cooler outdoor air into your home, through windows, across your living space, up into the attic, and out the attic vents.  This circulations successfully replaces hot stale air and helps cool the home and attic by up to 30 degrees.  The benefits of a cooler home last into the following day.  The qualified technicians from Qualtech Heating & Cooling are happy to provide more information, explain operation and benefits, and facilitate your project with financing through HERO.