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Bryant ductless

When you’re confronted with one or multiple rooms that are difficult to heat or cool, there’s no reason to rely on portable air conditioners or space heaters.  As a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer, Qualtech Heating & Cooling specializes in a rewarding line of ductless single and multi-zoned split systems.  Achieve efficient comfort with up to nine indoor units for a single outdoor outdoor unit.  Enjoy fixed or oscillating airflow, up to seven fan speeds, auto restart after a power outage, variable-speed inverter compressor to automatically adapt capacity to changing demand within a specific room, wireless remote operation, and optional smartphone control.  Qualtech Heating & Cooling helps you determine the right system for your specific requirements, provides proper sizing and location of each unit, and meticulous installation.  Enhancing the comfort, health, and usability of homes and businesses across East Bay Area, we are your ductless HVAC experts.

No Ducts? No Problem.

An outside wall, access to electricity, and a three-inch hole to accommodate the conduit, adds up to complete control over your indoor climate.  With a flexibility of line lengths, the specialists from Qualtech Heating & Cooling make it possible for you to cool rooms on the front side of the home while locating the compressor inconspicuously in the back yard.  We normally complete the installation process in a single day, mounting indoor units high on the wall, flush in a drop ceiling, or down by the floor.  Approximately seven inches deep and encased in sleek, modern-looking jackets, the unit is versatile, aesthetic, and integrates neatly into any decor.  Because each indoor unit features a separate thermostat, you can customize specific zones to personal preferences and only need to condition spaces that are occupied.  To learn more about the rewarding possibility of ductless temperature control, contract Qualtech Heating & Cooling at +1 925-272-2506 for service throughout Danville, Walnut Creek, Lafayette, Alamo, and Concord, CA.