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Living in East Bay Area, an effective cooling system is a necessity.  While you need to be practical, you can still enjoy a bit of luxury as well.  Let Qualtech Heating & Cooling handle your air conditioner installation project, and we’ll provide the state-of-the-art technology to enhance comfort and convenience while trimming costs down to a bare minimum.  We match the specific dimensions and style of your household, as well as the demands of your lifestyle, to the ideal solution.  By properly calculating size, customizing design, and following meticulous installation procedures, our fully licensed and insured technicians optimize energy efficiency, cooling capacity, sound levels, reliability, and system longevity.  Qualtech Heating & Cooling deliver greater rewards for your investment.

New A/C Installation Can Reduce Your Utility Bills!

Qualtech Heating & Cooling has earned distinction as a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer, ensuring a team of factory-trained, consistently updated, and proficient technicians, who are experts in the leading-edge equipment we install.  We help you take advantage of industry innovations, providing the ability to customize your indoor climate and maximize cost-savings.  Intelligent systems actively monitor demand and adapt capacity to deliver only the amount of cooling necessary.  The result is longer cycles at lower speeds.  You’re going to benefit from temperature maintained within a degree of the thermostat setting, lower sound levels, and peak energy efficiency at all times.  With optional zoned control, you target the comfort of individual rooms to match personal preferences, avoid cooling unoccupied spaces, and combat hot and cold spots.  And you can manage every aspect from just about anywhere, via your smartphone or computer.  When you partner with Qualtech Heating & Cooling, the possibilities are just about limitless.  We enhance the enjoyment, usability, and comfort of homes throughout Danville, Walnut Creek, Lafayette, Alamo, and Concord, CA.

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